Q: Where do you get your books?

A: Most of my books either come from NetGalley or have been purchased by me. Upon occasion I may review a book that is sent to me directly by the author or that I have checked out from the library.

Q: What genres do you read?

A: Pretty much any genre if the book is interesting enough. I read horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, and Christian. I am not big on war or western novels, nor am I big on biographies or autobiographies unless they are about a musician I admire.

Q: I am an author. How can I get you to read my book?

A: Send me a message via my contact form (found on the review policy page). Let me know if your book is on NetGalley – if it is, I will let you know who to look for requesting the book so that it can be approved. Otherwise, I will need a copy of the book provided – either hardcopy or Kindle edition works well (I use the Kindle App for iPad).

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