The Spirit Collectors by M. Amanuensis Sharkchild



The Spirit Collectors is an interesting tale once you get into it – and get past the beginning where there is much “fluff” to be had. Descriptions of Amory’s favorite flower and what Moons Day is that, at least at this point, seem to be irrelevant pepper the beginning of the novel and can, for some, make for tedious reading, although I’ll admit I enjoyed the glimpses into Amory’s world and the way it works.

The world spun in The Spirit Collectors is interesting. A world with a giant ocean that literally goes on forever, yet never allows one to connect with any other islands on the planet, though there are more than just the one in which you start, Winder. To get to other isles, you have to use portals, but only those who’ve been taught are allowed access to these portals. It makes for an interesting background. I have to say, I enjoyed this world, even if it is very odd.

As you read, you learn more about the world in which Amory lives. The only problem I really had with the book was that it ended in a way that left me just hanging. I know this is the first book in a series, but to be honest, I’m used to books leaving off a little less abruptly than this one did. Usually the reader at least has an inkling of the actual intentions of the character or what might be happening. With this book there is none of that, so if you don’t like to be left with questions that remain unanswered until the next book comes out, you might want to hold off on reading this one until the second book comes out.

All in all, I do recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an out-of-the-ordinary fantasy novel.

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Band of Bachelors: Lucas by Sharon Hamilton



Being the daughter of a military man (my dad was 21 years Air Force), I have a tendency to be drawn to books that contain any sort of military connection, whether it be Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, or just your run-of-the-mill soldiers in any branch of the military. So when I was given a chance to read a book about a band of Navy SEAL “brothers” I jumped at it.

SEAL Brotherhood: Lucas is a wonderful novel that combines romance, a bit of sexy fun, and a fair bit of military-style action in one book. While the characters aren’t completely fleshed out, they don’t need to be in order for you to enjoy this book. And while this isn’t the first book in the SEAL Brotherhood series, you don’t need to read the others to understand this one – which is awesome because I always hate reading books in a series and realizing that I can’t understand them because I haven’t read the previous books.

I have to say, I want to read more the series because I want to see if there are stories about Jake and Alex, my two favorite supporting characters. Don’t ask me why, but I really, really like those two. Maybe it’s their attitudes toward love, marriage, and women in general, but I’d really like to see stories involving those two.

**I received a copy of this book free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. **

Immortal Kiss by Laura Daleo



I admit, when I first started reading this book, I didn’t think I was going to like it. It just seemed a bit slow to me. Trust me, once you get reading it, you can’t stop.

Laura Daleo takes a twist on the vampire myth and makes it even better – by using Egyptian mythology to spice it up. I love this because a) I love mythology and b) it makes the vampire myth even stronger by mixing gods with vampires.

I have to admit that I often wondered about Phillipe and Beth’s relationship – it seemed to me at times that the relationship was more or less Beth being compelled by Phillipe to be in love with him. Even at the very end of the book I still wasn’t entirely sure that he wasn’t compelling her to love him – but the same can be said for any vampire/human relationship I suppose.

The only real problems I ran into with this book was the lack of good proofreading and editing. To be honest, there were several spots where words were clearly missing or misspelled. They didn’t detract from the story itself in any way, but they did make me pause every time I found one. But I also tend to be super aware of that kind of thing, so it could well just be me.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a new paranormal romance novel to sink their teeth into (pardon the pun).

I received a copy of this book free from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger


No, this book is not my normal genre of reading. I’m not really much into non-fiction as you can probably tell by the majority of the books I’ve reviewed here. But this particular book was assigned to me for my Social Media Explored class and since it was also available as a review option on NetGalley and I already had the book, I figured why not? To be honest, the book is actually quite interesting.

We’ve all seen it – this video or that blog post takes off and suddenly it’s got 100,000 views or 2,000 shares on social media. But why? Why does this video or that blog post take off when others don’t? Believe it or not, there’s actually a science behind making things catch on. Jonah Berger doesn’t write like he’s speaking to a bunch of professionals, he writes like he’s speaking to the average person. Like he’s speaking to you and me.

He tells stories. Things that seem at first like just interesting anecdotes become lessons in how to do things – or not to do things in a couple of cases. This book is simply an invaluable tool for any business, YouTuber, blogger, etc. If you want your blog, YouTube channel, business, or whatever to take off, this is a book your really ought to get a copy of, read cover to cover, and keep handy. I can say with all certainty this is one “text book” that I am not selling back!

I reviewed this book for NetGalley and was provided a free copy although I had my own. All opinions are 100% my own.

Blog Tour: The Strength of Love by G. L. Ross




My Review

I’m going to fully admit here and now that the contemporary romance genre is not my favorite. Yes, I like it. No, it’s not my favorite. Most of the books I find are either too sappy or the characters spend more time in bed than out and it just bugs me. But that’s not the way it is with The Strength of Love by G. L. Ross. This book actually has substance and the characters don’t spend more time in than out of bed.

We all know that tragedy strikes the best of us and that it sucks. But what happens when it strikes not once but multiple times? That’s what this story is about. How even when tragedy can’t seem to leave someone alone, love is strong enough to help you get through the worst of times. The book is extremely well written and while the characters aren’t as developed as they could be, they don’t really need to be in order to enjoy this book. Sometimes, you just don’t want the characters to be to deep, you know what I mean?

I loved this book and I can’t wait to read more. Honestly – I’d love a bit more story behind Courtney & Sam..hint hint! If you like contemporary romance or are looking for a introduction into it, I highly recommend The Strength of Love.


The stressful phone call wipes her out mentally and physically. She walks a bit further to, her now favorite hang-out, the corner coffee shop. After receiving her caramel latte and chocolate croissant, Rachel returns to the hospital. The decadent mixture of caffeine, chocolate, and caramel, lifts her spirits and empowers her with a burst of “can-do” attitude.

Her mind flutters with inspirational thoughts and scripture. The positive, uplifting thinking allows her mind to explode with optional types of treatments and hospitals. Because of this newfound optimism, she feels, deep in her heart, Brooks will defeat the enemy invading his body. Lost in her thoughts she blows through the hospital rotating glass doors. In fact, she pushes the door, with such force, it spins harder than intended and tosses her into the hospital lobby and straight into a pair of muscular welcoming arms.

With the last bite of her delicious croissant hanging from her mouth, Rachel struggles to keep a grip on her latte as she enjoys pressing her cheek against the hard wall of an extremely nice chest. Eye level with a rippling bicep she decides if she’s going to land somewhere this is a really nice place to land.

Her eyes lower to a jean-clad thigh begging to be released from its tight, faded denim. Her mind races. Please let the face be half as nice as the other parts of his anatomy. Attempting to upright herself, even though she actually hates leaving his embrace, she says, “I am incredibly sorry. I guess I don’t know—”

Her eyes land on a pair of luscious lips she quickly recognizes, without a doubt.

“—my own strength. Marcus, oh my gracious, it seems you are always coming to my rescue.”

A smile spreads from ear to ear across his gorgeous face while Rachel absorbs him from head to toe. The man is handsome in his white doctor’s coat, but holy mackerel, Dr. Dreamy in a pair of worn jeans, cowboy boots, and a yellow, blue, and white plaid, starched, snap front, dress shirt is lethal. She blushes when she realizes the way she’s devouring him with her eyes.

“Are you all right?” he inquires, tucking her hair behind her ear. The small, intimate act sends a chill through her shaky frame. She’s about to answer his question when his index finger strokes across the bottom of her lip. Rachel moans. Yes, moans—loudly. Her mouth falls open and her eyes close as she relishes his tender touch.

“You had chocolate smeared on your lip.” Waking from her not so silent orgasmic experience, her startled eyes fly open. He smiles, before placing his finger in his mouth. Rachel stumbles backwards. Holy crap! Her body, which has been dormant from the waist down, dances to life. It takes everything in her not to grab his finger and swallow it whole. What the heck!

Marcus delights in the effect he’s having on the beautiful brunette.

Rachel remains speechless and extremely embarrassed.

“Rachel?” His smile is so wide it’s about to break his face. His hands happily stroke up and down her arms.

Finally she responds, “Oh. I am sorry—so sorry. I have tons of thoughts racing through my mind—about Brooks—of course.” She blushes.

“Of course.” There’s that smile again. Rachel knows she isn’t fooling him.

“I really should get going.”

“Glad to see you’re eating and getting fresh air.”

She walks toward the elevators mumbling, “Thanks.”

“I’ll see you two tomorrow morning.”

She enters the elevator. After pushing her floor, she rakes her eyes the length of the gorgeous doctor. A man should not be allowed to be physically fabulous and a doctor! “Yes,” she says.

“I’m sorry about this morning and the delay.”

The elevator doors are closing as she blurts, “I’m sure you’re worth the wait.”

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G.L. Ross is the author of the Flyboy Trilogy and the soon to be released contemporary/inspirational romance, “The Strength of Love.” To learn more about her, visit her via website, Facebook, or Twitter. She loves to hear from her fans. Also, join her street team, The Flygirls. To join, find the link on her website.

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I received a copy of this book from The Killion Group & G. L. Ross in exchange for my honest opinion. All views expressed are 100% my own.