Book Review: The Whisper Theory by Amber Albee Swenson

First of all, the book is nothing like it was advertised to me where I got it. It was advertised as a Christian Fiction book and nothing more. Turns out it’s a Christian Fiction + Bible Study book and not a very good one at that.

The writing in this book is very choppy – it reminds me of the poorly written fan fiction my friends’ kids like to read. Chapters end abruptly with phrases like “we laughed and went home” and then immediately segue into a Bible study section.

Even the Bible study sections are not well thought out or well put together. The very first one asks who Meghan’s friends/roommates are and literally asked questions such as did Meghan purposely sin by putting herself in danger in the first chapter.

While the book is meant to help college kids make the most of their college experience and stay true to their faith, I simply don’t see how these unrealistic scenarios are going to be of any help. For one, I don’t know of any strongly faithful Christian girls who would be roommates with a male who was not a family member.

All in all I was unimpressed with this book and it’s message. The messages could have been better taught in a Sunday school or weekly Bible study without the fictional elements and unimpressive Bible study questions.

I received this book free from BookLook in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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