The Corridor by A. N. Willis



Without a doubt, the best YA Sci-Fi book I’ve read in a long time! The Corridor is amazing – fast paced, full of action, and fresh. The book is set in the not-too-distant future – 2032. It deals with travel, but not time travel. Not space travel either. Cross-dimensional travel. That’s right – cross-dimensional.

What if there were 12 versions of Earth? Each in it’s own little dimension. What if one of those Earths figured out how to travel to another? And what if something went wrong and one of those Earths was seriously screwed up? That’s what The Corridor is all about. What happens when portals to other versions of our world are opened and what happens when someone does something so dangerous, they have to be stopped.

I love Stel’s character. She’s strong and I relate to her a lot. We’re a lot alike – of course I don’t have cool abilities like she does – but otherwise we’re a lot alike. The other characters are perfect matches for her. From the love interest to the best friend who isn’t her best friend anymore, the other characters are perfect for her.

This is a great, quick read. I started the book in the morning before class and finished it mid-evening. If you’re looking for an awesome, quick read, check out The Corridor.

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Courtlight Series Library Announcement Blitz



I am so happy to be able to announce that the Courtlight series by Terah Edun has been added to four library services and is now available in a total of three countries, with more to be added.

About The Courtlight Series

Courtlight Series Comes to Overdrive, Ingram, EBSCO & 3M Cloud Library

The Courtlight Series is now available in Overdrive, Ingram, EBSCO, and 3M Cloud Library. We’re excited to announce that the Courtlight series is available in library collections in three countries with more to come!

Lauded as a “fantasy world that you don’t want to miss out on”, the Courtlight Series consists of seven full-length novels that give readers an imaginative escape into a high fantasy world. With over 100,000 English-language books sold, global readers have become “captivated from beginning to end”.

The series weaves an epic story of fantasy and romance, with avid comparisons to Tamora Pierce and Mercedes Lackey, as a girl struggles to overcome the odds of her place in society while saving a prince and his empire from mortal peril.

You’ll find that each book adds to an intricate storyline that enchants an young adult audience (Grade: 7 – 12 / Age: 12 – 19) and leaves the reader wanting more unforgettable magic.


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About The Author

Terah Edun is a young adult fantasy writer that writes the stories that she always loved to read as a young girl. Her Courtlight and Crown Service series can be seen on the USA Today Happily Ever After blog and together have sold over 100,000 copies. Her books are available in four languages, audio, and print. Her latest book is Sworn To Ascension, the sixth in the Courtlight series. You can find her at or


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Saturn Run – A Novel of 2066 by John Sandford and Ctein



Honestly, I hate to say this, but as a John Sandford fan, this one was pretty bad. I’ve always loved John Sandford’s mystery novels but this foray into the world of Sci-Fi just isn’t grabbing me. I literally cannot concentrate on the book. I can’t even finish it – I’m 8 chapters in and have zero desire to ever finish it.

For one, there seems to be too much going on. New characters are constantly popping up and while I realize that each new character that pops up has something integral to do with the story, it is rather annoying. There is also the fact that the story just doesn’t seem to have a clear cut place it is going – other than Saturn.

There isn’t anything particularly exciting that is happening – nothing to keep my interest. Generally speaking, if I’m not engaged and wanting to read more, not wanting to put the book down by the 6th or 7th chapter, I’m not going to be. It saddens me because I really had high hopes for this book based on it being a John Sandford novel. Perhaps it is the collaboration with Ctein or perhaps Sci-Fi just isn’t the genre for Sandford, but I just can’t say I liked this book.

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Book Blitz: Until Beth by Lisa Amowitz


Happy Book Birthday UNTIL BETH! We’re so excited to be sharing this fantastic Young Adult novel by Lisa Amowitz with you today! Be sure to stop in at the bottom, and enter the giveaway for books, swag and a guitar pick necklace! The giveaway is open internationally!

About The Book

Author: Lisa Amowitz
Release Date: September 29th, 2015 Paperback: 260 pages
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press  ISBN-13: 978-1633920330

She doesn’t just play, she kills it.

Talented rock guitarist Beth Collins has been barely holding herself together for months, ever since her boyfriend and bandmate became the latest victim in a string of suspicious disappearances. When her brother is injured an accident and she sees something dark billowing around him as he hovers close to death, she’s convinced her sanity is collapsing for good.

Then she’s accepted by a boarding school for the musically gifted. All of her new friends are bursting with talent, but they’re also keeping secrets. Can she trust Vincent, who’s so sweet that his very touch makes her fears melt away? Or Xavier, who’s trying to tell her something but is hiding even more?

And will anyone be safe when her true Talent comes out?

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Praise For Until Beth

“I  wish I could have read about a protagonist like Beth when I was growing up–a girl who doesn’t fit into her society and must learn to use her abilities for good instead of evil. Her struggles will resonate with teen readers, and the hidden agendas of the school and its students will keep readers guessing up to the final page.”Lyn Miller-Lachmann, author of Rogue

“This unique and compelling novel grabbed me on the first page and wouldn’t let go. With unforgettable characters and a story that is by turns heartbreaking, thrilling and uplifting, UNTIL BETH is a must-read.”Christine Johnson, author of The Gathering Dark


About The Author

Lisa Amowitz was born in Queens and raised in the wilds of Long Island, New York where she climbed trees, thought small creatures lived under rocks and studied ant hills. And drew. A lot. She is a professor of Graphic Design at her beloved Bronx Community College where she has been tormenting and cajoling students for nearly twenty years. She started writing eleven years ago because she wanted something to illustrate, but somehow, instead ended up writing YA. Probably because her mind is too dark and twisted for small children. Lisa is represented by Shannon Hassan of Marsal-Lyon Literary Agency.

BREAKING GLASS, released in July, 2013 from Spencer Hill Press, is her first published work. VISION, the first of the Finder series was released September, 2014. FRACTURED, a novella combining the worlds of BREAKING GLASS and VISION releases as an ebook only, June 7, 2015. UNTIL BETH, the first in the Life and Beth trilogy will be released September 2015.

Lisa Amowitz is available for guest appearances, Skype visits, school visits, libraries & interviews. Please contact her for scheduling.



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$25 gift certificate to Amazon, Powell’s or B&N (Winners Choice)
Ebooks of Breaking Glass, Vision & Fractured also by Lisa Amowitz
Swag AND a hand made (by the author!!) guitar pick necklace.
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Ebooks of Breaking Glass, Vision & Fractured also by Lisa Amowitz
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Seize The Night – New Tales of Vampiric Terror by Various Authors



I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Anthologies have always been one of my favorite things. A chance to read old favorite authors and a chance to also find some new favorites as well, all based on some short stories. Which is, of course, why I chose to read Seize the Night – New Tales of Vampiric Terror.

The foreword by the editor, Christopher Golden, talks about how the vampire myth hasn’t been diluted or gone away in this world of sparkly or overly-friendly vampires, but that it’s time we return to the world of the scary, horrifying versions of these creatures. The only problem is – not all the stores are really about vampires.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – most of them are. And it’s possible I’m just not seeing how the rest are about vampires. But to me, not all are about vampires. It doesn’t detract from the book being a solid read though. I only really had a problem with one story – for some reason it just seems that the story by Sherrilyn Kenyon ended in such a way that it didn’t seem finished. Of course, I was reading an ARC of the book and so the final version could be a bit more filled out, but as it stands as of my reading, it seemed the story ended a bit too abruptly.

A few of the stories have a hint of The Walking Dead in that they’re apocalypse driven – just with vampires instead of zombies. Those stories were very good. Even the stories where the vampires are creatures and not human are very good. And I was thrilled to see a psychic/energy vampire story (you just don’t see those very often).

My favorite story is probably Miss Fondevant simply because of the uniqueness of the story. I also was very fond of In a Cavern, In a Canyon and Mother. All of them were great stories, but those three stand out to me as my favorites.

Seize The Night – New Tales of Vampiric Terror is slated to be released on October 6, 2015. Be sure to get your copy before they disappear!

Anyone who likes tales of the creepy sort like Stephen King’s short stories in Everything’s Eventual or Nightmares & Dreamscapes should check out Seize the Night.