And She’s Back… She Hopes


I am so sorry that I’ve been MIA for so long. I honestly didn’t intend to be gone for so long – just long enough to get my bearings for the Summer semester at school. And then everything went downhill a bit. Let’s take a look at what happened… just so you can have a glimpse of what’s been going on.

I started my first 2 Summer classes. I thought things would be fine – then discovered that I had more to do in those two classes than I had previously thought. One was online and had me answering discussion questions and answering my classmates, plus reading 2┬áchapters of a *very boring* textbook per week, plus doing a quiz per chapter, assignment per chapter, and unit tests every 2 weeks. Then I started a second online class that was a 16 week class crammed into 4 weeks. 3 chapters per week to read, 6 discussion questions (2 per chapter), 3 quizzes, unit tests…. it was a nightmare… plus there were often 2 assignments per chapter. I was very busy that month.

Then in July we ran into an issue. My acid reflux/GERD was no longer controlled by my meds and I was constantly fighting with a small fireball that seemed to want to just sit in the middle of my chest. The decision was made to refer me to a surgeon (yes, there’s a surgery for that). He agreed that after having had heartburn/reflux since I was 10 and a hiatal hernia since I was born it was time both said goodbye. So I went through a whirlwind of pre-surgery testing for different things, the actual surgery on August 12 with 3 days in the hospital including surgery date, and now I’m starting Fall semester on Monday August 24th.

BUT – there is a bright side! My classes are spread out a bit and I have 1-2 hr breaks between some of them. This means I can take a few minutes between classes to devour some books. Which means I shall start posting here again shortly! ­čÖé